The 1970’s New York

Join us on this nostalgic tour featuring the art, music, and fashion of New York during the 1970’s. Experience the journey vanguards took, rising from being cast out misfits to becoming innovators of their medium. Learn the history of how “tagging” transition from illegal street art to respected gallery art. Follow the emergence of Hip Hop from block parties to the Billboard’s top 100. Relive the era of the platform shoes, bell bottoms, and polyester clothing.

This is the definitive tour of New York City in the 70’s featuring the art of Hambleton, Haring, and Basquiat. Understand how American Punk and Hip Hop music burst onto the New York scene. Be amazed by how fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger endured bankruptcy to establish his fashion empire. The tour concludes at the Stonewall National Monument with a retrospective of the Disco Era and Studio 54.

This experience is a two-hour party on the streets of New York.