Birth of A Nation Experience

This experience details the immigration of the Chinese, Irish, and Italians to immigrant to New York in the 1800’s. In addition, it explains how these exiles became the backbone of New York. The men would build New York’s bridges and the tunnels. The women would be cooks and maids. And their children, raised in the values and language of their new country, would weave themselves into the tapestry of America. This is the story of US.

This entertaining excursion visits Chinatown, Five Points, and Little Italy. Complimentary pork or vegetarian dumplings are included. The meeting place for this tour is 273 Canal St, New York, NY 10013.


Dragon Fighters of Ladder 6 / Ground Zero Experience

This World Trade Center/Ground Zero experience honors the heroes and survivors of Stairwell B. Discover how First Responders and the Dragon Fighters of Ladder 6 risked their lives to save half a million civilians on September 11, 2001. We’ll visit the Oculus, the world’s most expensive transit hub, where you’ll be amazed by its grandeur. Next, uncover the treasures of the buried gold reserves. Find out which is the largest rescue by sea in history. The tour finishes by the Survivor Tree, where you’ll be impress by its survival, resilience, and then its rebirth.

This tour covers the 911 Memorial Plaza and the World Financial Center. Entry into the 911 Museum and One World Observatory are not included. This lighthearted “PG” experience focuses on the valiant efforts of 911 First Responders and is perfect for all ages.

The 1970’s New York Experience

Join us on this nostalgic tour featuring the art, music, and fashion of New York during the 1970’s. Experience the journey vanguards took, rising from being cast out misfits to becoming innovators of their medium. Learn the history of how “tagging” transition from illegal street art to respected gallery art. Follow the emergence of Hip Hop from block parties to the Billboard’s top 100. Relive the era of the platform shoes, bell bottoms, and polyester clothing.

This is the definitive tour of New York City in the 70’s featuring the art of Hambleton, Haring, and Basquiat. Understand how American Punk and Hip Hop music burst onto the New York scene. Be amazed by how fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger endured bankruptcy to establish his fashion empire. The tour concludes at the Stonewall National Monument with a retrospective of the Disco Era and Studio 54. This experience is a two-hour party on the streets of New York.

Wall Street Experience

Wall Street is the financial capital of the world and a renowned symbol of economic might. Tragically, it has also been the embodiment of corporate greed. This tour provides a deep insight into how consulting firm, investment banks, and financial markets work. Going forward we’ll cover the 2008 Financial Collapse and the headline news of GameStop. Strolling through cobblestone streets, learn how Bernard Madoff executed the largest Ponzi Scheme in history. Then proceed to a detailed breakdown of how cryptocurrencies work.

No Wall Street tour will be complete without a full explanation of why in 2020, oil prices plummeted from $18 a barrel -$37. Yes, oil producers were paying people $37 a barrel to take it off their hands. This tour exposes financial charlatans and is the perfect primer of those interested in how finance and financial markets operates.