Birth of a Nation Experience

This experience details what motivated the Chinese, Irish, and Italians to immigrant to New York in the 1800’s. In addition, it explains how these exiles became the backbone of New York. The men would build New York’s bridges and the tunnels. The women would be cooks and maids. And their children, raised in the values and language of their new country, would weave themselves into the tapestry of America. This is the story of US.

This entertaining excursion visits Chinatown, Five Points, and Little Italy. Complimentary pork or vegetarian dumplings are included. The meeting place for this tour is 273 Canal St, New York, NY 10013.



ProductBirth of a Nation
History And Anecdotes

Fun tour that covered Chinatown and Little Italy. Richard, a local of the area, did his best to impart decades worth of local history and anecdotes while navigating the busy streets. The tour included snack breaks at the local approved best dumpling spot in Manhattan.

Positive And Enthusiastic

Richard is positive and enthusiastic person about his neighbour hood great tour. thanks Richard Nick

Special Insight

Andrew had a good cause and effect explanation of China town and Little Italy . He has special insight. I appreciate the restaurant recommendations and the guide gave me a sense of directions.

Felt Immersed

Richard is very knowledgeable about the community and the history. Felt immersed into it. It is a walk but if you wear comfortable shoes and a hat you’re in for a once in a lifetime experience!

Es Hat Uns Sehr Viel Spaß Gemacht

Es hat uns sehr viel Spaß gemacht, da Richard sehr lebendig erzählt hat und auch auf Fragen von uns eingegangen ist. Durch alte Bilder und Fotos und der Erzählung von Richard ist das eine gute Möglichkeit, etwas über die Geschichte von Chinatown und Little Italy zu erfahren. Wir können die Tour sehr empfehlen.


Amazing immersion in famous New York neighborhoods with lots of character, personal stories and insight. Absolutely loved it!

Good Tour

Good tour and the old photos were amazing

Large Historic Photographs

I really enjoyed my afternoon walking tour with Richard. He was friendly, informative, funny, and generous. Richard was easy to find for our initial gathering, which was a relief since I was using public transit. He took the time to engage with each of us on a personal level at the beginning of the tour to make sure we felt comfortable with him and each other. The tour itself was enhanced by large historic photographs, a few tasty treats, and some personal connections to what we were seeing. Richard was very attentive to the group’s interests—offering to take photos in key locations. He was also aware of our needs—I appreciated having opportunities to sit from time to time and refill my water bottle—especially in the July heat! I recommend this tour for those who enjoy getting a personal perspective of the the way cultural and ethnic communities have evolved across time.

Thank You

Thank you Richard!

Interesting Tour

Very interesting tour, Richard was great

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