Wah May Restaurant

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[ Traditional Chinese ]

Wah May Restaurant
190 Hester St
New York, NY 10013 
(212) 925-6428

FOOD: 5 - Delectable fried chicken & pork chops

INTERIOR: 3 - Average clean setting

VALUE: 5 - Deliciousness on the cheap

ENGAGEMENT: 3 - Pleasant staff 

SCORE: 16 - It's the food and the value 


Full Review

Want great food for a great price? Wah May Chinese restaurant will satisfy your cravings. Located next to Little Italy in Manhattan, this 35-year old institution has feed many blue-collar workers along with a bevy of neighborhood youngsters. This is one place where the locals eat.

Their signature dishes are the fried chicken or pork chops. Both orders are served with napa meat gravy on a bed of rice. It's for people who like salty, greasy, fried food. There is an option of adding a "tea egg" with your order. Which is an egg boiled in tea and spices. I'm not an egg person, but many Asians love the gentle flavors this preparation invokes. This eatery has a full menu of good traditional Shanghainese cuisine. But I would stick with either one of their two signature dishes (the chicken or the pork).

Very clean dining area. Maybe it's due to the food being served in take-out containers and only plastic utensils are available. The interior decor is nothing to write home about, but it does the job.

Average meal with tip per person $8 - $10. It will not break the piggy bank. Take advantage of the free bottomless cup of hot tea. Don't forget this restaurant is located in Manhattan. Not many places in this borough can offer good food at these prices.

Very cordial and attentive staff. Have patience if you do not speak Chinese, since the staff speak very little English.


When this restaurant first opened in 1980, it was called May Wah Restaurant. The original owner made millions and brought the building shortly after. Around 2010, he retired to China and gave the business to his relatives. For legal reasons, the new owners transposed the name to Wah May instead.

It's a good casual restaurant to eat with friends or family. Not so much to bring a date. Unless you're a teenager.

Hint: One can pay for extra gravy for the rice to sop in.


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