You and your companions should get to your tour’s meeting place at least fifteen (15) minutes before the start of the tour. This will give you time to check in and hopefully negate any transportation delays.

All our tour guides are licensed and wear Thermo Sage uniforms.

Yes, all tours require reservations at least 24 hours before the start. Reservations improves tour experience for all. It reduces overcrowding and help us allocate the right amount of resources for each tour.

Yes. Children six years old or younger are free. For tours using bicycles, they must ride with their parents or rent their own bicycles. In addition if the children need baby food, parents must bring it with them.

Yes. All tours are refundable with a minimum surcharge, if cancelled with 48 hours notice before the start of the tour. All surcharges are collected by the credit card company for its refund processing fee.

Please call: (646) 397-4403 or email us: for special pricing and schedules.

No, tour guides are not authorized to collect payment.

Tours commence rain or shine. In the event of inclement weather, we reserve the right to cancel tours due to potentially dangerous weather. Partial or full refunds will be issued depending on situations.

Yes, a discount of $15 – $20 will be issued depending on which tour. Please notify us when making reservations by calling: (646) 397-4403 or emailing us:

Yes for all tours, you should bring your own water or drinks. Even tours with complimentary food only provide limited drinks during meal time.

No, we do not prepare or cook foods. All drinks and food are purchased just before the tours. It consist mainly of iced teas, sandwiches, salads, fresh fruits, and cookies.

No, we are not a food service company. We do not have the capacity to be responsible for allergic emergencies. If you or someone in your group have allergies, please prepare your own food and drinks. We would be more than happy to store it for you until meal time.

For the Carbon Reduced data, we use the following formula: Tour Bus (4 mpg) / by Carbon Produced (20lbs per gallon) x Tour Distance = Pounds of Carbon Reduced.

For Calories Burned Walking: Walking per Mile Burns (100 calories) x Miles Walked = Calories Burned Walking

For Calories Burned Biking: Biking per Mile Burns (50 calories) x Miles Biked = Calories Burned Biking.

Our Company’s caloric data is calculated using a 160lbs person. All the data we present are general estimates and should be viewed as approximations.