Electrolux Orbit

A Laundry Machine that Cleans Without Water and Detergent

If there was a scene in a Star Wars movie where the characters are doing laundry, they would be cleaning their clothing with the Orbit. A Swedish company, the Electrolux Design Lab, has invent the washing machine of the future. The Orbit features a minimalistic design combined with state-of-art technologies. 

Engineered to address water and energy conservation by French designer Elie Ahovi. His levitating marvel uses dry ice and a magnetic halo to clean clothing. Soiled garments are loaded into an orb receptacle, where it's suspend by a magnetic field generated by the surrounding ring. Pulses of electric current within this ring alters the magnetic field and spins the orb receptacle. Inside, dry ice cleans the dirty garments with each rotating tumble. When finished the dry ice turns back into a gas (carbon dioxide). Both the gas and dirt are vacuum into storage. The gas will be reconstitute back into solid form for the next wash. The dirt is separated to be discarded. 

This form of cryogenic cleaning can replace wet-washing clothing with water. In addition, the Orbit can also supplant dry-cleaning with chemicals. The magnetic field is generated by self-recharging batteries powered by liquid nitrogen. The Orbit is a revolutionary device that eliminates water usage and minimizes energy consumption. This Elie Ahovi creation is a prototype commissioned by Electrolux. 




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