Doughnut Plant

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The Doughnut Plant
379 Grand Street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 505-3700

FOOD: 4 - Innovative donut creations, delicious but might be too sweet for some people

INTERIOR: 4 - Very clean with contemporary decor

VALUE: 2 - A bit pricey at around $3 - $4 per donut

ENGAGEMENT: 3 - Average counter service with no complaints

SCORE: 13 - A great destination spot for those in need of a sugar high


Full Review

This is a quintessential Horatio Alger's from rags to riches American triumph. A third generation baker, Mark Isreal is the founder and visionary behind the Doughnut Plant. From his inventive Creme Brulee donuts, to his original square creations, Mark is dragging the stale donut industry into the new millennium.

His donuts are made of two basic flours, "Cake Donuts" are leavened with baking powder and has a texture between a birthday cake and a pound cake. The second type is "Yeast Donuts" which are light, airy, with tiny air bubbles. Some of their unique flavors are:

  • The Creme Brulee donut comes in a small oval shape. It has a custard filling with a sticky caramelized glaze on top, just like its traditional dessert with the same name. This might be a bit too sweet for some. Although, one can cut the sweetness by pairing it with a warm drink of coffee or tea.
  • Matcha Green Tea donut has a subtle grassiness and more earthier flavor than regular green tea. Since the taste of Matcha is be easily muted against the staunch preparation of the dough and frying, some might find the profiles tampered down. Albeit, this glazed donut will satisfy ones with discerning taste buds.
  • Made of condensed milk, evaporated milk, and cream, the Tres Leches is a cake donut. This creamy donut is moist and sweet with a velvety vanilla creme. It's finished with a hazy milk glaze.
  • Blackout is a chocolate glaze donut coated with cookie crumbles and a rich cocoa jelly filling.

With the interior decor, Mark did away with the plastic franchise look and feel by using wood, stone, and more glass. It's rather clean for a donut place. Usually I'm scanning for flies in the open display when I'm ordering from one of the larger donut franchises.

Customer service was on par, although there is a minute wait for your order. Do expect to surrender some speed for fresher and better quality donuts.

Not your daddy's $8.99 per dozen, Mark's treats will set you back between $2.50 - $4.50 each.


For donut lovers, this is definitely a destination eats. Since the opening of two more locations, one Chelsea and the other in Prospect Heights, there is probably one closer to you.

With recipes from this grandparents, for years Mark toiled away in the basement of his first location. Eventually, with both his father and brother's help he moved to the Grand Street location. In the end, a good guy won and in effect so did our stomachs.


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