Dominique Ansel Bakery

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Dominique Ansel Bakery
189 Spring Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 219-2773

FOOD: 5 - World-class innovative pastries

INTERIOR: 5 - Modern pristine decor

VALUE: 5 - What is the value of perfection? Priceless

ENGAGEMENT: 5 - Courteous and well-mannered professionals

SCORE: 20 - Mastery of his craft at the pinnacle of success


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This levain alchemist can turn ordinary flour into treasured medallions. Starting with the legendary Cronut, a croissant and donut hybrid, that has garnered a devoted following and created lines out the door and around the corner.

The Cronut is a flaky fried pastry, that is separated in buttery layers. It's finished with a cream filling, then rolled in sugar, and glazed with the flavor of the month. Having the Valrhona Chocolate Champagne Cronut, I was astonished by how well the symphony of flavors harmonized together. Perfectly balanced with a hint of savory and a mild taste of sweetness, this seasoning doesn't overwhelm the richness of the Chocolate. It's a brilliantly conceived and well crafted piece of pâtisserie.

My favorite is his DKA ( Dominique's Kouign Amann). It's structurally less complex than the Cronut, but its deliciousness still rings true. A decadent smaller versions of the traditional Breton pastry, it echoes the flavors of a caramelized croissant. The Madeleines are small shell-like shaped cakes with a spritz of lemon flavor.   

This wizard of SOHO constantly creates new innovative desserts. The Magic Souffle, the Cookie Shot, and the Plum Nest Honey Kataifi Tart are among his most popular ones. This bakery is definitely a destination stop for visitors and locals alike.


Born in the northern city of Beauvais in France, chef Dominique Ansel learned to bake in small pastry shops in town. Later, he would further hone his culinary skills working at the gourmet bakeries of Fauchon in Paris. After seven years, this led him to become the executive pastry chef at the renown restaurant Daniel. When you have food franchises copying your creations, you're probably be doing something right.

The Magic SouffleCookie ShotsCanneleValrhona Chocolate Champagne Cronut

Hint: The 6:00am lines that stretch around the corner are just for the Cronut. Everything else can be purchased when the store opens at 8:00am, on the much shorter line.

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