Del Posto

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[ Modern Italian ]

Del Posto
85 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10011
(212) 497-8090

FOOD: 5 - Amazing Italian creations prepared by some of the best chefs in New York

INTERIOR: 5 - Grand and elegant decor

VALUE: 5 - Well worth the money for one of the finest food and dining experiences

ENGAGEMENT: 5 - Team of professional servers will make you feel like Warren Buffet

SCORE: 20 - The highest possible score that can be earned

Full Review

Iron Chef Mario Batali's flagship restaurant doesn't disappoint. With culinary influences from partners Lidia Bastianich and her son Joe from the TV show Master Chef, these three visionaries have created one of New York's premier Italian restaurant.

They pay impeccable attention to details; from covering your food with a silver serving dome, when you leave the table to providing a small stool to accommodate a lady's purse. Ironically while indulging in this posh setting, I found that it's their unpretentious and gregarious staff that I appreciated even more.

My meal started with complimentary course of Amuse Bouches. Their interpretation of this dish is a trio of small delights: a) Beef Consomme was served in shot glasses, Margarita styled with a rim of salted breadcrumbs. The cups were filled with silky smooth broth infused with a symphony of mellow beef flavors. b) Saffron suppli are fried risotto balls. These bites come in crispy spheres with rich creamy interiors. c) Mortadella pastella are miniature  paninis filled with a velvety mortadella mousse. Each component of this course was masterfully conceived and prepared.

Then came the in-house artisan bread accompanied by butter and whipped lardo. The lardo was lightly salted with an unctuous quality, which was an absolute decadent treat for my palate.

This was followed by orecchiette with lamb ragu. The pasta was firm collecting pools of delectable ragu. The base of this hearty stew was build with lamb cooked to perfect tenderness.

Next was another pasta dish, pappardelle with wild boar. The broad noodles were cooked in olive oil and paired with the boar, which is leaner than pork and usually has a gamey taste. But, these chefs managed to skillfully cook the meat with no gameness. This dish is well balanced between the blankets of pappardelle and the strands of boar.

The dinner finished with a Mignardises, which are tiny pastries and sweets. A couple of Bombolones,  small Italian filled doughnuts, and an assortment of candies with fine chocolates were presented within a wooden grater.


Simply this is fine dining at its best. I recommend trying the 8 courses Captain's Menu, which is their version of a taster's menu. Albeit, the courses change depending on the freshest products in season. You can rest assured these brilliant chefs will transform any harvest into a magnificent meal worthy of a five star restaurant. The wine menu features impressive array of fine wines. The basement houses an extensive wine cellar of French and Italian wines.

Although pricy, this restaurant is great for special occasions or a romantic night out. Be expected to spend approximately $218 per diner with tips, but before alcohol. However diners do get a great value considering the quality of the food and service received.

One can also try their special lunch offerings or wait for NYC's restaurant week. It's when the restaurant creates reduced price menus for promotional draw. These options provide even better values for the budget conscious.

RESTAURANT CATEGORIES: Fine Dining (Full service with dress code); Casual (Table service); Quick Service (No table service, includes food carts and trucks). Ratings correspond with each restaurant type. A fine dining restaurant and a quick service restaurant that are both rated 5 in food does not imply their food quality and taste are of equal standings. But, they both do signify the best in their respective categories.

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