Brooklyn Bridge Park

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334 Furman Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201 

Brooklyn Bridge Park On the waterfront of downtown Brooklyn, stands a $300 million playland the likes of which even Disney would envy. Developed on 85 acres of prime real estate with breathtaking views of Manhattan's skylines, it stretches a svelte mile hugging its shorelines. Despite its high cost, delightfully this wonderland is free for all.

Brooklyn Bridge Park was built with funding from property development for couples and families. Encouraging them to put aside their electronics and venture outdoors together, the city provided ample activities for all ages. From a stylish carousel and multiple playgrounds for kids to bocce and shuffleboard for adults, the architects designed a board range of endeavors for all to indulge.  

Located with amazing views of both Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, the park is inviting for both residents and tourists. In addition, the granite terraces are a great place to view the sunset. One can pack a picnic basket or cook at one of the numerous stationary grills provided. Don't want to bother? Then there are plenty of restaurants nearby. Grimaldi's Pizza and Shake Shack are good choices. For something sweet, Jacque Torres Chocolate should satisfy that craving. Take an hour or even a day, set some time to enjoy one of New York's most refined creational park.


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1) Basketball: There are six full courts on pier two. Three with roofs and three are under open sky.

2) Biking: Bike trials run pass and beyond the park. There are Citibike stations throughout.  

3) Carousel: Jane's Carousel is located on Pier one.  

4) Children's Playgrounds:
Main Street Park - two large climbing gyms.
Pier 1 - various small climbing gyms.
Pier 2 - multiple full-size swings; plastic miniature workout equipment
Pier 5 - climbing gym; spinning disc, slide for toddlers
Pier 6 - Sandbox Village; Slide Mountain; Swing Valley; Waterlab

5) Dog Run: Closer to the highway than to Pier 6

6) Fishing: On Pier 5, but one still needs a NYS fishing license.  

7) Grilling: There are twenty one grills and 49 picnic benches on Pier 5. This is great for those familiar with the area. For others it might be quite a challenge. It's because of the logistics in getting all your food, drinks, and dining ware to the BBQ area. In addition, someone from your party will have to get there early to secure a grill and picnic bench. This facility is popular for children's birthday parties. Finding a parking space for your car will be a challenge too. The closest drop-off point for is on Atlantic Avenue. It's quite a distance to lug everything to the location.

8) Jogging: It's one of the city's most favor jogging paths.  

9) Kayaking: The kayaking stations are at Main Street Park and on Pier 2

10) Picnic: Wherever one can find a green space.   

11) Roller Rink: On Pier 1 and entry is free, but there's a charge for skate rentals.  

12) Special Events: Concerts and art exhibits are usually held at the Fulton Ferry Park or on Pier 1.  

13) Soccer: There are three fields located on Pier 5.  

14) Sunbathing: Throughout the entire park.

15) Sunset Viewing: Best locations are at the Granite Terraces on Piers 1 and 3.  

16) Swimming: The pop-up pool is located between Piers 1 and 2.



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