BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

Look What the Cat Dragged In

BMW's Motorrad Vision is a zero-emissions electric motorcycle. It's even more tech advanced than the one Catwoman rode in "The Dark Knight Rises." The Vision has a carbon fiber Flexframe including a powertrain forged with aluminum. 

This Autobaun beast can reach upwards of 210mph and harnesses an abundant mix of cutting-edge technologies. The motorbike is equipped with a self-balancing gyroscopic system that keeps it upright both when standing still and while in motion. This prevents the cyclist from tipping over while at stop lights. When in motion, this innovation assists the driver with balancing the bike, especially on tight turns at high speeds.

The cycle's software system incorporates a "Digital Companion" which pairs the bike with the rider's visor. Akin to a jet-fighters laser enhanced console, the information projected on the operator's glasses includes speed, temperature, wind challenges, road condition, and maps with directional indicators. All this can be controlled hands-free through the driver's eye movements.  

A separate intelligence safety system constantly monitors other vehicles on the road to avoid accidents. It warns the rider of potential road hazards and suggest adjustments or deviations to avert mishaps.  

With all the applied science paired with a rear fatboy tire, this German rocket is really to peeled back some asphalt.  




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